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My Corus CAD Test Result

What does my Corus CAD test result mean?

A detailed Corus CAD Patient Report describing your test result will be generated and sent to your doctor within a few days of the shipment of your blood sample.

The patient report provides a Corus CAD patient score. The patient score ranges from 1 to 40, with lower values associated with lower likelihood of a blockage in your coronary artery, or obstructive Coronary Artery Disease (CAD).* Each Corus CAD patient score is associated with a specific likelihood of obstructive CAD.

The Corus CAD test result, along with other information about you — such as medical history and symptoms — can help your doctor assess whether or not you have a narrowing or blockage in a heart artery and develop a care plan that is right for you.

Corus CAD Patient Report 500

* Obstructive CAD is defined as at least one atherosclerotic plaque causing ≥50% luminal diameter stenosis in a major coronary artery (≥1.5 mm lumen diameter) as determined by invasive quantitative coronary angiography or coronary computed tomography angiography (≥2.0 mm lumen diameter).