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Corus CAD: What to Expect

What should I expect during the Corus CAD test?

Similar to other laboratory tests, your doctor must order the Corus CAD test for you. The test requires a small blood sample, which can be taken on the same day as your initial appointment. Once the sample is drawn, it will be shipped to the CardioDx CLIA1-certified, CAP2-accredited laboratory for analysis. Results will be sent to your doctor within a few days of shipment.

Your doctor will help you understand what the information in your test report means. The result from your Corus CAD test, along with other clinical information about you, can help your doctor quickly, accurately, and safely assess whether or not you have narrowing in your coronary arteries (the arteries supplying blood to your heart), also known as obstructive coronary artery disease (CAD).*

* Obstructive CAD is defined as at least one atherosclerotic plaque causing ≥50% luminal diameter stenosis in a major coronary artery (≥1.5 mm lumen diameter) as determined by invasive quantitative coronary angiography or coronary computed tomography angiography (≥2.0 mm lumen diameter).

1. CLIA #05D1083624
2. CAP #8646908